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Plans and IdeasPlans and Ideas

Anyone can commit to vote a certain way on an issue.  We need more than just a politician committed to positions on issues, we need someone with ideas and plans to get our economy going, while addressing two of the most pressing issues, Climate Change and Wealth Inequality.

Homeowner Green Energy Plan

There is a misconception that we must choose between bolstering our economy, or protecting our environment and promoting green renewable energy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The truth is that green renewable energy is the fastest growing sector of energy jobs.  It is also extremely affordable, cheaper than oil and gas.  The problem is that we lack the infrastructure.  My plan, the Homeowner Green Energy Plan, allows homeowners to finance through the First Time Homeowners Association (FHA) the purchase of solar panels or home wind systems.  This will allow people to replace their current energy usage with renewable green energy.  By allowing homeowners to finance the cost out over 20-30 years, homeowners immediately see monthly savings, as the payment on the system will be cheaper than the cost of current utility bills.  This will reduce our carbon footprint, helping with Climate Change, save homeowners money (average $100 per month), support small green renewable energy businesses here in Iowa, create green energy installation jobs, and if homeowners opt for a battery backup system, protect people from losing power in a storm or attack on our energy grid.  All of this will not cost the government anything.  We simply must change the rule of a 5% of a home's value cap on financing energy improvements for energy replacement systems.  There are simple solutions that exist, but corrupt campaign financing, has given oil and gas companies the power to block this legislation.








Main Street Market

One of the biggest issues in our economy is massive wealth inequality.  This is caused by massive disparity in ownership.  Simply put, the wealthy own business and make their money from investing, and the middle class and poor, make their money from wages.  We need to expand ownership and make it easier for people to start small businesses.  The biggest difficulty to starting a business is raising initial capital.  My plan, called the Main Street Market, would allow small businesses to incorporate and sell shares in their company to raise initial capital, or capital to expand their business.  This would allow all of us to invest in small businesses, instead of only in giant corporations.  As we expand ownership, we will also expand wealth, and grow our economy.

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