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Courtney believes in the potential of all Americans.  She believes to make our country our best, we need to unlock the potential of all Americans.  Success takes opportunity and hard work.  We'll bring the opportunity, you bring the hard work.

It takes more than just one Congressional Representative to make this change possible.  That's why Courtney is proud to join Justice Democrats.  Find out more about the candidates running across the country, and the common platform we are proposing:

Tuition Free Public College and Trade School

It hurts our economy when we do not have enough people with the skill sets needed for the jobs of the current and future economy. Working as an engineer, I have seen the problems with recruiting engineering talent.  Emerging countries are graduating engineers at higher rates.  We have more and more engineering jobs in the U.S., and fewer graduates.  Investing in students today, ensures we have high earning adults who can buy goods and services and pay taxes. That’s why I support tuition free public college and trade school for all well qualified students.   

Universal Healthcare: Medicare For All

JaneFree market price setting does not work for health insurance like it does for homeowner's and car insurance.  First, cars and homes have a defined replacement cost.  Worst case, an insurance company can calculate how much it will cost to replace a car or house.  That is not the case with health insurance.  No one knows what illness or injury may befall them, and how much it will cost to make them better.  Second, car and homeowner's insurance increases with the value of the car or home.  This means wealthy people who have expensive homes and cars pay more, and people of moderate income with modest homes and cars pay less.  Health insurance is completely different.  Everyone wants the same health insurance, one that will cover whatever illness or injury occurs. That is why I support Medicare For All.  This is the most cost-effective way.  The U.S. spends multiple times more than other countries on health insurance, and people receive worse coverage. We must take the billion-dollar profiteers from the health insurance industry out of the equation.

Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage

Everyone should strive for more than the minimum wage; however, if you must work two to three jobs a day just to survive, you cannot spend time improving yourself for better opportunities.  No one in this country, who is working full time should be homeless or without food.  My mom worked two to three jobs a day, when I was a kid, waiting tables and tending bar.  When she worked two jobs, she went to night school at the local community college to study accounting.  She was good at accounting.  Unfortunately, when our rent was raised, she could not afford to go to school any longer.  She had to drop out of night school and take on a third job.  Still we struggled.  Raising the minimum wage is not about letting people be satisfied with a low wage.  It is about ensuring that people have enough to survive, while they seek to better their family's situation.  I support a living wage of $15 per hour.  If we phase it in over three years in six moth increments, with small businesses following one sixth month increment behind large businesses, we can ignite our economy and help many people transition off public assistance.  

Water Quality and Sustainable Agriculture

Courtney leading the Cedar Rapids March for Science
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The first agriculture bill in the United States was proposed after the dust bowl, to combat soil degradation.  It was not until the 1970's that farm and agriculture bills began focusing on maximizing production, instead of on promoting sustainability.  Here in Iowa we can see the actual harm of these policies.  We need to ensure family farmers have a crop price floor and the help they need to produce food for America, because farmers deserve a living wage.  We also need to ensure our water is clean and drinkable.  We need to restructure the farm bill to promote sustainable farming, instead of factory farming.  We need to support cover crops for soil retention and cleaner water, and organic and natural farming.  The government's job is to ensure that not only do we have enough food in the current year, but that we also maintain the ability to grow food in the future.  Our farm and agriculture funding need to reflect those priorities.  

Equality For All

Courtney Rowe at Cedar Rapids Pridefest

No one in America should be inhibited from achieving success because of discrimination.  I support removing barriers from anyone's path.  This includes support of the Equality Act, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Community Policing Initiatives, Police Body Cameras, and more.  We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Discrimination prevents that and has no place in our society.

Campaign Finance Reform

Without campaign finance reform, we will continue to see corruption directing our government.  We must reform the PAC system and ensure that money does not buy our politicians and our government.  This will require a constitutional amendment, so the citizens of this country can take back the country from the lobbyists.

Restorative Justice

The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country.  The for-profit prison system has bribed politicians to support minimum sentencing requirements and incarceration for minor offenses.  When a person enters our prison system, they are cut off from their family and friends and support system.  Our prison system in its current form does not focus on rehabilitation, but on punishment.  Despite our severe penalties, and incarceration rate, the U.S. has a high crime rate, and one of the worse recidivism rates in the world with over half of those released ending up back in prison within five years.  This is incredibly expensive, and ineffective.  Restorative Justice focuses on restoring the person as a functional member of society. 

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Legalization of Cannabis

Many people in our country use cannabis, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, it has shown to be harmless.  Several states have legalized cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, and current federal laws are making it difficult for these states to conduct business.  Medicinal medical marijuana providers must conduct all their business in cash, because federal laws prevent them from keeping the money in banks.  This increases the danger of robbery for these business owners. 

Cannabis is also a major product for illegal gangs.  By legalizing and regulating cannabis, the government can tax it, and make a profit, instead of spending millions of dollars a year arresting minor drug users and dealers.  Once legalized, customers will seek legal providers over illegal providers.  This will have a similar impact on reducing gangs, as the repeal of prohibition helped curve the power of the mafia.

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