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Why It's Important to Caucus

On June 5th Democratic Primary voters will vote on the candidates they want for the general election, however if no candidate gets at least 35% of the vote, the nominee will be decided at the state convention by the delegates.  The process to become a delegate starts on Caucus night, Monday February 5th at 7pm.  If you want to ensure you have a say in our Governor nominee and our Congressional nominee, you should caucus, and run for delegate to your county convention.

In addition to picking nominees, the delegates get to vote on the party platform and the party rules.  If you want to shape the Democratic Party in Iowa, this is your chance.

How to Caucus

Show up at your caucus location on Monday February 5th, and sign in before 7pm.  When asked for who would like to be a delegate raise your hand.  You will be given 1 minute to speak to the caucus on why you would like to be a delegate.  Make your case.  Recomendation: speak about an issue that you are passionate about, and why you want to ensure the nominee chosen supports that issue. 

Delegates chosen on Cacus night will need to go to the county convention on March 24th to run for delegate for the District and State Conventions on April 28th and June 16th.  If you are not available for the dates of the convention, then support a delegate that you think will support the candidates of your choice and stand for the issues you support.

Where to Caucus

Click on the link below to find your caucus location.  You need to be inline to sign in before 7pm.

More Caucus Information

More details on the caucus can be found here:

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