Courtney Rowe for Congress

Believing in Iowans Believing in America

Courtney believes in the potential of all Americans.  Success takes two things, opportunity and hard work.  Courtney has plans on how we can expand and grow American opportunity in education, jobs, healthcare, the environment, energy, and small business development.  If we ensure Americans have the tools for success, they will succeed; because, we already have a nation of people ready to work hard. It is time Iowans had someone in Washington D.C. working hard for them.

No Super PACs

Every politician says they will be different than the last.  Yet we keep seeing the same result, no matter who's in office.  That's because the same special interests are funding all the candidates. 

Courtney has made a pledge that none of her competitors will match.  She is refusing to accept Super PAC money.  Her campaign will be 100% funded by everyday people like you. Not only has Courtney made this pledge, but she is working with candidates across the country to change the way politics work.  Find out more about Justice Democrats here:

A Proven Problem Solver With Ready to Implement Solutions

Washington D.C. is full of businessmen and lawyers.  Iowans need someone who is ready to tackle the problems of everyday Americans.  Courtney is an Aerospace engineer, who has helped design six new commercial aircraft platforms.  She comes to the table with two budget neutral proposals that will improve our environment, increase energy independence, save homeowners money, and increase jobs and small business.  If you want solutions to the challenges facing Americans, hire a problem solver!


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